Extreme Catering for Extreme Makeover

ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was running on full throttle last week demolishing and rebuilding a 40 year-old house in East Setauket.  Owned by the late Grace and John Lutz (adoptive parents to over 15 children, some living with Down syndrome,) the house was in desperate need of repairs.   Still a residence to several of the children, the makeover will ensure that as time goes on, the surviving family will be securely settled in the home they have known for most of their lives.

The project, which was led by Allure Home Improvements, required staff and volunteers to work around the clock.   Hundreds of staff and local volunteers labored tirelessly day and night to bring the project to completion.   Dover Caterers– a division if The Dover Group– handled all of the on-location food service including breakfast, lunch and dinner, break-time snacks, and cold and hot beverages.  This rewarding opportunity was led by Sharon Nigro, a Professional Dover Event Planner with the Group for over 10 years.  “Of all the jobs we’ve done,” explains Ms. Nigro, “this one really touched my heart.  To see hundreds of people– many who are volunteers– work so hard to make a nice new home for this deserving family… It doesn’t get any better than this!”